the fourth of five

…that’s my place in the family line-up.  I have three older siblings and one younger (who I affectionately refer to as the kid even though he is 23 now).

I learned fairly early on in Spanish that I am the penultima…second to last.  (that usually applies in sports too…)

Last week J and I hit the road for a weeklong trip back to Kentucky.  We have totally dominated that drive.  We know every Starbucks along the way (there are only 3), but since we only believe in stopping once then that’s mostly irrelevant.  We have this road trip down to a science: car snacks and the perfect amount of water to take along for the drive (too much water can hinder our one-stop-in-9-hours rule so we have to limit it), magazines, conversations (inevitably about business) and a little bit of music to mix it up.  J drives while I handle the music/snacks/entertainment front (and take lots of photos to post to Instagram).  We really love our Inc. Magazine…I usually read at least one cover-to-cover out loud and we discuss.

Wow I’m good at getting off topic.

and talking a lot.

Anyways, we went to Kentucky for a week for a business summit!  Sounds so official, right?  My family started a business last year, and this year with all the growth and decisions to be made we decided to try to have quarterly summits where we’d all meet-up in one place and crank through some work.

I know ‘family business’ can have a bad connotation in some circles, however it has been such a blessing for my fam.  It has drawn us closer and given me a newfound respect for my mom and my siblings.  Seeing each one take on business responsibilities has really highlighted our individual strengths and taught us to work even better as a team.  So I’ll try to update on here occasionally what is happening in the Marlowe world…if you haven’t tried our granola then get your booty over to and order a bag!  Or if you’re in Lexington you can find it at the Good Foods Co-op and the Only in Kentucky store.

Here’s an iPhone pic my mom took while we were all in!  The 5 of us piled into the back of her car (no longer a mini-van) and laughed as we re-lived our younger years in the Big Red van (some day that van will get it’s own blog post).

From left to right: Me, Caton (the kid), Byron, Daniel, Rachael.  Except for Caton and I, everyone else is in reverse birth order.

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  • Sandra - The backseat five are looking mighty fine. (Fewer fights these days…) Such a fun post to read! We loved our time together.

  • Rachael - SO fun!! already counting down til our next Marlowe Summit….