Haribo berries and a trampoline…

…are certainly not part of the meaning of Easter.  Though they are two things I most thoroughly enjoyed this Easter.

J and I drove up Saturday evening to visit my cousin and his family that live an hour north of here on an army base.  David and I spent many Easters, Thanksgivings and Christmases together growing up with our very large families (I’m one of 5 and he is one of 6 kids), so it was perfectly natural for us to crash at their place for Easter weekend!  David and his wife Melissa have three wonderfully sweet (and equally funny) little girls that make life quite entertaining.  We played games, ate an excess of baked goods, and laughed all weekend.

It was such a sweet joy to celebrate the resurrection of Christ our Savior together with them (and on that note, you should check out Hannah’s Easter post…it is beautiful.)

When we weren’t eating, sleeping or playing board games (rare) J spent some quality time playing Wii with the girls and I got to play on the trampoline!!!

I was the very deprived child of a family doctor who saw one too many trampoline injuries in his office, so we never had one at our home, despite my relentless begging.  So getting to jump on David and Mel’s trampoline was like Christmas.  Seriously.

I mean, who doesn’t love that sensation of floating through the air for a moment in time?  Then jumping until you’re so exhausted that you collapse on the trampoline and it bounces lightly up and down as you try to catch you breath?

And then you open your eyes and the sky looks like that?

Yeah, so Easter was all kinds of wonderful this year.

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oh, and if you leave your phone laying around the house for too long, you might find some bonus photos:

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  • Rachael - hilarious!! LOVE this! yeah it was rough being deprived of a trampoline (AND diving board) in our childhood….LOL. Funny thing is I think we still ended up with trampoline injuries (the boys, of course) through the neighbor’s trampoline!