Confession: I love Peeps

Those gooey, sugar-coated marshmallows that show up around Easter.  And taste like a fluffly little bite of heaven?

(Yes, I know many of you don’t agree).

Well, I love them.

And it takes a WHOLE lot of self control not to eat the whole box at once.  That is, when I allow myself to buy them.

Well, this year I did so well!  I didn’t even buy any peeps around Easter.

But then my parents let it slip to their bike-riding, prank-loving friends.

Who then proceeded to give me this as a “belated birthday gift” last weekend.

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  • Rachael - You know I thought of you when I saw a recipe somewhere for making smores with peeps….quite an adventure that would be! You might have to try it – looks like you might need some creative ways to eat those peeps – LOL