three and one: anniversaries

I took another deep breath trying to will my body back to sleep; a rare occurance for me.  It wasn’t happening, so I let my eyes study the room one more time.  I looked out the skylight above in the wooden paneled ceiling revealing a perfectly clear blue morning sky.  Thank goodness for the sunshine I thought to myself.  After weeks of rain I had begun to worry that our big day might not look like we had envisioned.

My mind began to race, and my heart began to pound with anticipation.  This is it.  Today is the day I marry the man I love.  I quietly slipped out of the california king size bed over trying not to wake my three (yes, three) best friends who were still sound asleep.

I tip-toed out into the great room and peeked out the kitchen window to take one more look at the Oak tree that stood at the end of the ridge on my parent’s farm.  Our tree.  I’ve wondered what kind of stories it might tell if that big old tree could talk.  What history had it seen?

Today it would serve as the perfect backdrop for a wedding.  Our wedding.

I crept back into the bedroom, found my running clothes, and quietly got dressed, trying hard to avoid the creaky spots in the rustic wood floor of the cabin.

I stepped out onto the porch and into the sunlight and I ran.  Down the driveway, down the hill and over the river.  I thought about all the times I had come down to the cabin, and how it had always been a place of joy, peace and rest for me.  I thought about how perfectly fitting it was that in just a few hours I would run back up that seemingly-never-ending hill to the house and say I do, forever closing one beautiful chapter of my life, and embarking on a new adventure.

And what a wildly satisfying, breathtakingly beautiful adventure it bas been.

Josue Esteban Galan Ramirez, I couldn’t be more grateful for you.  For your sincere heart, deep convictions, and abundant love.

Your the Oreo cookie and I’m the unpredictably-colored cream filling…we were just meant to be together.

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I reached over to snooze my alarm for the fifth time that morning, but my hand didn’t find my phone.  My eyes opened in dim confusion, and my foggy brain tried to register my surroundings.

Then I remembered (aching back and all)…we had moved yesterday and were in a new home now.

I navigated through a maze of boxes into the kitchen, and thankfully found the coffee maker and a mug.  The sun streamed beautifully in the tall french doors that surrounded the living room and kitchen of our new apartment, casting light on the tall piles of work that awaited us.

I whispered a prayer…of gratitude for our marriage, and of commitment for this new adventure.  We knew God brought us to DC for a reason, and we were ready for a new place.


Today we are celebrating three wonderful years of marriage, and one crazy, blessed year living in the DC area.

Every season of life teaches us something new with it’s memorable experiences, new friendships, and unique environment.  This one has been no different.  Words can’t express the overflowing sense of blessing I feel when I look back at the past few years, and ahead to the next.

So here’s to anniversaries three and one!

… and to many, many more.

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  • Hannah - Lovely! So happy you all decided to get married three years ago!!!!! And so happy that three years has brought our lives to still be close together!

  • Darling Paumen - HAPPY ANNIVERSSARY!!! Loved reading your blog post :)

  • cara - lovely!! :) you do so well writing on your blogs! such eloquent and pretty wording…matches your work so well :)

  • Rachael - beautifully written, sis! brought tears and chills as I remembered back to your special one-of-a-kind wedding day. Such treasured memories. Love you bunches! And miss you….