Sweaty Palms and Spanish Steps {Happy New Year}

You know those moments when your heart skips a beat?  Then takes off as if you’d just sprinted up and back down the Spanish Steps?  Twice?

Your palms start to sweat, you wring your hands, and your head begins to spin.

The moment just before you make a decision that you know will be big.  really BIG.

…and there’s no going back.

There’s usually some risk involved.  Often a lot.

And the fear mingles with excitement.  You’re on the verge of an emotional outburst…not sure if if it will be tears or laughter, or maybe even both.

That moment just before you sign your name, click button or close the deal.

I think you know the moment I’m talking about.

Our 2012 had quite a few of those unforgettable deciding moments.

Getting a studio and buying a house, just to name a few.

They were choices that were incredibly scary and really really big…and I’m so glad we made them.  It would have been easy to walk away…say it’s too much responsibility, or we aren’t quite ready.  But when do we feel ready for the next big step?  I’m not sure we ever do.  But what I do know?

that I want to live a life with more of those moments.  Because that’s living.  really living.  I don’t want to be too afraid or too conservative to do big things.  I don’t want to say no because an idea seems to big…too impossible.  I want to run hard after our dreams and goals and create a life worth living.  A life that leaves a mark.

So here’s to a New Year.  May your 2013 be full of sweaty palms and Spanish Steps!

Happy New Year!

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