El Salvador 2012

Very early on in our relationship, Josue and I decided that we would alternate holidays.  Having family in two different countries (both far from where we live), meant that trying to split holidays wasn’t going to work.  I wasn’t about to spend my Christmas day flying internationally.  It has been one of the best things we have done as a couple.  It means that the time we spend with our families comes in big chunks…weeks at a time.   Every time, we soak it up as much as possible, and every time 2 weeks still flies by.

Christmas 2012 was our year to be in El Salvador.  Being there for the holidays is a totally different experience than being in Kentucky.  Warm weather, beach trips, fresh coconuts and fruit baskets aren’t things I generally associate with Christmas…at least not until recently.  Last Christmas was no different.  There were lots of pupusas eaten, games played (I’m quickly converting them all to game lovers), beach trips made and fireworks watched.  And of course, the obligatory family photo session!


This is my adorable niece Rebeca.  You’ll be seeing lots of her.


pin thispin thisbathtime is seriously the cutest.pin thisThis is Papa Tobal.  We love him so much…time with his is full of wisdom and laughter.pin thispin thisI really want an aloe plant.  Mama Luisa (aka grandma) tried seriously to convince me to take one home.  hidden in my pants.pin thispin thisceviche. there is nothing like it.pin thispin thiswe went river swimming and it was perfect.pin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin this

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  • Hannah - I lovvvvvvveeeeeee the one of bathtime!!! It is so perfect. Also, that river swimming looks amazing!

  • KC Frank - I love the picture of the bathing smiling beauty! You captured a perfect moment.