Announcing…Mommy & Me mini-sessions {Alexandria Children’s Photographer}

I packed up my backpack, grabbed the assignment sheet and shot out the door to head home for the weekend.  My little tweenage heart thumped as I thought about what was next…high school?  I couldn’t wait to be in the big leagues and the only thing standing between me and the sparkling new high school campus was a few exams and my 8th grade graduation.

I hopped in mom’s white minivan and grabbed a sip of her watered down diet coke.  My thirst quenched, I held up the graduation page and announced to her that I needed a set of photographs for my 8th grade graduation board.  I would need a family picture, a photograph with my best friend and one with my mom.

That evening we pulled out old boxes of photos and began to sort through them, setting aside our favorites and recounting their stories.  We searched and sorted, but we could not find a photo of my mom and me.  In fact there were very few photographs that even had her in them!  After making a few phone calls my sweet mother was able to get ahold of a photo a neighbor had snapped of the two of us a few years before.

Since that event many many years ago, my mom has been an advocate for mothers everywhere to be in photographs!  Too often, especially in today’s digital age, moms are the ones who run around snapping the photos and all to rarely are they in them.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and a summer full of birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations I decided to host a few mini-session days just for moms and their little ones!   Mini-sessions will be hosted at my Old Town studio.  Saturday, May 11 we will be hosting a tea and cookies pop-up shop with UpCircle throughout our day of shoots.  Get a little something fun from UpCircle that day and receive an extra $50 credit toward your order!

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E-mail now to book your slot!  susannah @ alumbraphotography . com



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