It is hard to believe that I am finally writing this post.  After years of dreaming, hoping and waiting, the time has come!  Josue and I are adopting!

We’ve known for a long time that we would do that someday, but someday snuck up on us, and with joyful surprise, we are walking down that road now.

If you’ve followed this blog much, you know that Josue is from El Salvador and that it holds a big place in our hearts, so it only seemed natural that we would adopt from there.  We have applied and been accepted with an awesome adoption agency, and we are hoping to adopt two little ones from ES over the coming years.

The process is long and incredibly daunting (dealing with USCIS again doesn’t thrill me), but the end result will be so so worth it.  There is paperwork to be done (mounds of it), funds to raise, and much preparation that will happen in the coming two years, but for right now we are focusing on taking one step at a time and trusting that God will provide every step of the way.

You can follow the details of our process and learn a bit more about it and about the why over on our adoption blog: .

Here’s to a new season and a new adventure!

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(taken on our last visit to El Salvador in December)

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