In anticipation of the babe

These last few weeks of pregnancy have been a roller coaster of emotions.  Day to day it is the most incredible miracle to feel the movements and sense the growth of our daughter.  But as most pregnant women will tell you, the last weeks of pregnancy are tough.  Each day I feel more exhausted mentally and physically doing even the simplest of tasks.  My girth is oh-so-large, my back is achey and frankly, I’m kind of over being pregnant.

I am exceptionally and desperately impatient for the arrival of this baby girl.  I can’t wait to meet her, squeeze her cheeks, hold her close, read her bedtime stories and dress her in all the adorable fuzzy outfits that await her.

We’ve spent many hours preparing our home and our life to include a little one.  We’ve set up the nursery, installed the car seat, pre-washed the clothing, built the crib, and spent more on Amazon Prime that I ever have before (except for possibly a few photography related purchases).

We.  Are.  Ready.

This sense of desperation mingled with preparation has made me wonder, have I ever longed for anything so desperately in my life?  Is this not the sense of immense anticipation that the Bible calls us to have for the Kingdom of God to come?   Have I prepared and cried out for the return of the Messiah the same way I’ve begged for the arrival of my daughter?

As the Christmas season nears and we turn our thoughts to the first coming of Christ, I have a new sense of appreciation for the multitudes of angels announcing the arrival of the Son of God.  Can you imagine the excitement the shepherds in the fields felt when the realized that the long-awaited and prophesied Savior had come?

May this season of pregnancy serve as a constant reminder for me to live in preparation and anticipation of the return of the Messiah.

(and since no post is complete without a photograph, a few more faves from our maternity session with Whitney Neal Photo)

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  • Hannah - I love everything about this.

    LET’S GET THAT GIRL OUT HERE!!! And then maybe her parents will pick a name… ; )

  • E fox - Aw so sweet! I was miserable all throughout my pregnancy. I couldn’t wait to be done. But I wish I had enjoyed it more instead of wishing it to be over. Also, baby girls are the best :) you are going to just die from love! Xoxo