Merry Christmas, Sweet Little Babe

As I sit in bed after a day full of family, laughter and tiny baby cuddles, I feel like my heart just might explode.  My wonderful, quirky, fun-loving family is such a sweet blessing.  And definitely my favorite part of holiday celebrations.  But they aren’t why we celebrate Christmas.  Sure, the stellar cheese fondue, family time and white elephant game exchange is worth celebrating.  But it isn’t why, it is how.

That why is what is most important here, though.

The why is simple.  We are celebrating salvation.  The coming of our long-awaited Savior, in the form of a baby.  To bring peace on earth.  To wipe every tear from our eyes.  To set the captives free.  To bind up the brokenhearted.

to save us.  from ourselves.  from our sin.

God in flesh.

Jesus.  Emmanuel. The King of Kings.  Protector.  Healer.  Savior.

May you remember and rest in the peace only He brings.

Merry Christmas.

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from our home to yours.  (love Elise & family)


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  • Hannah - THIS. So perfect. That baby is UNREAL.