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This year, for Christmas, my siblings and I went in together to give one big, meaningful gift to my parents.  Photographs.

Well, technically the photographs already existed, but we are going to sort through the boxes full of old polaroids, family portraits and vacation snapshots, then have them scanned.  We began the task a few days after Christmas, and we were quickly overwhelmed by the amount of time it was going to take.

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As we sat around the living room of my parent’s house, piles of photographs on every surface in sight, and sorted nerdy old school pictures and timeless family portraits, we laughed as we recounted stories and heard new ones from my parents.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Our kids won’t have this.

How will we explain to them that we took hundreds of photographs each week, but never took the time to do anything with them?  How ironic, that in this day and age where nearly everyone carries a camera in their pocket, we have the fewest tangible proofs?  Sure, you might upload them to facebook and maybe a few to but do you print them?  Hang them in your home?  Put them on your fridge?

It was then that I knew exactly what my New Year’s Resolution would be: to print my photographs.

Will you join me?  I want to have a photo printing revolution here!  Here’s the plan:

The last Monday of each month I will take a few minutes to choose my top 3-5 photographs from that month (it can be more for you if you’d like), and send them to be printed.  They don’t have to be perfect photographs, in fact, some of my favorites to sort through were the ones with stories.

(Like the time when I was two that, in a fit of rage, I dumped out a whole box of crackers in the carpeted hallway of our house, stomped up and down the hall until they were crumbs, then sat down to nibble pieces from the floor.  I’m fairly certain my mom wasn’t thrilled at the moment, and the photograph isn’t perfect technically, but its real.)

For the best color and print quality available from a non pro lab, I would recommend you use  And if a quick upload to their website isn’t easy enough, you can download the App and order photographs off your phone in just a few minutes!

If you choose to join the print revolution would you let me know?  I’d love to see what you come up with!  Just share a pic of your prints on, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #printrevolution2014 …you could even tag me as well (@alumbra or @alumbraphotography)!

A few treasures from the print sorting:

This is my great grandmother.  She was an identical twin.  Isn’t she stunning?  There is something so timeless and intimate about an individual portrait.


photo 2-webpin thisthis is my friend Hannah…we’ve certainly seen the best and worst of one another in our 16+ years of friendship. photo 3-webpin thisphoto 4-webpin this

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