You are my Sunshine {Alexandria, Va Baby Photographer}

You are my sunshine

my only sunshine

You make me happy

when skies are grey

you’ll never know, dear

how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

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this is all it takes…and my heart skips a beat.  You’d think I would eventually get used to it, but somehow I haven’t.  Every time her face lights up with that smile, my spirit soars.  It doesn’t matter how tired, frustrated or overwhelmed I feel.  This tiny being brings us so much joy.

Today my heart is so full.  I am immensely blessed, and so grateful to God for this little life.

Last night I was thinking about this crazy, broken world she will grow up in, and my first instinct is to shelter her from it all.  But my responsibility as her mother is not only to protect her but to prepare her for the great world that awaits.

To teach her to love the unlovely; be patient in a culture that celebrates instant gratification; know her worth and where it comes from amidst this world’s shallow standard of beauty.  To meet relativism with truth, trials with joy and obstacles with resolve.  I pray that God will equip us with strength and wisdom every step of the way so that her life might bright joy and truth everywhere she goes.

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  • Stephanie Lyell - Beautiful words. I hope this for her and for my someday children :)