Wedding: David and Bianca (Washington DC Wedding Photographer)

David and Bianca.  Two warm, kind and incredibly talented people met in the summer of 2013.  And it was one of those stories of immediate connection.  They talked late into the night the day they met at church, and have been mostly inseparable ever since.

David is a dear friend of ours, in fact, he’s one of the only people who knew us when we met and dated in Costa Rica.  When he moved to Virginia a little over a year ago he became a member of our family, joining us for outings, family dinners and the occasional jam session.  He and Josue even shared an office.  So to say we were thrilled when he met Bianca, would be an understatement.  They are perfect together.  A match, quite literally, made in heaven.  We were overjoyed to get to celebrate with them at their sweet, intimate wedding at the Rockledge Mansion in Occoquan, Virginia a few weeks ago.  Take a peek!

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  • Melissa - These are so beautiful!

  • Sandra - gorgeous session!

  • Jen Creed - Gosh this is SO good!! Love it!