Snapshot: Baby Snuggles on a Rainy Night

I sat in the glider, slowly rocking back and forth, holding my sweet sleeping baby to my chest.  The room was dark, and the house was peaceful and quiet.  I listened to the sound of the rain beating steadily on the roof, and soaked in the rhythm of Elise’s breathing.  The occasional flash of lightning lit up her cozy nursery, and I whispered another quiet prayer of gratitude.  Gratitude for my home, my dear husband, my precious daughter, for health and life.  For the rare opportunity to snuggle with Elise asleep on my chest.

The time is flying by and she is growing so quickly.  This week has held so many changes for her…she now crawls (YES SHE’S CRAWLING) around the house, stands in her crib, smacks her lips when she wants something someone else is eating, plays bongos, claps to music and laughs all the time.

She rarely falls asleep in my arms anymore, so I’m doing my best to treasure these peaceful moments.

And like any good parent, I iphonograph her all the time.  Here are a few from this week:

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