Aaron and Elizabeth

Aaron and Elizabeth’s backyard Kentucky wedding was everything a bride and groom could hope for.  As the sun set and the lightning bugs appeared, guests lounged in the Withers backyard drinking in the warm summer eve.

So put on your favorite summer love song and watch this slideshow from Aaron and Elizabeth’s big day*.

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*Why is there no music with the slideshow?  Well as an artist I believe strongly in the importance of respecting other artists work.  In today’s digital day and age it is incredibly easy to use and mis-use music, photographs and other intellectual property (without legal permission).  As a result of that I have chosen to only use music that I have a license to share, so until I find some amazing artists to work with and get license to use their music, slideshows will be silent.  Feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts and/or recommendations!  

  • Hannah - That was PERFECT!

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