Celeste and David

A perfectly beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!  The day began with sunshine and a cool fall breeze.  Tall stems of fresh flowers filled the dining room table intermixed with plates of the most extravagant brunch.  The table, line with chairs filled by a glowing bride, bridesmaids and dear friends cherishing  the morning together.
Hours of hairspray, mascara, Tom’s shoes, smiles, tears, friends and family followed.  The bride met her groom at the church to spend a few minutes together before the wedding for pictures, and not long after the beautiful church on the hilltop began to fill.  The sweet melody of the violin filled the high ceilings and the groom and his fellows entered.  The pastor gave the most incredible and memorable charge I’ve ever heard to the groom and upon accepting the doors opened and the ladies entered.  David’s face lit up, and Celeste glowed all the way down the aisle.  Vows were spoken, rings exchanged, a candle lit in representation of two lives united and it was all sealed with a kiss.
Celeste and David, I am beyond thrilled for you as you embark on the incredible journey of marriage.  Thank you for allowing me a window into your lives, to tell the story of your love.  May your life together be filled with joy, laughter and adventure.
  • Celeste - :) love, love, love it. will be anxious to see more. so thankful for you friend.

  • Elaine Fehringer - Beautiful, beautiful fall colors. I can’t wait to see more from this perfect day. So glad you were there to document all of it!!

  • Sharon Leone - These photographs capture so much of the love shared on David and Celeste’s wedding day!

  • amber - love these. excellent.

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