favorite things

a few things we LOVE and would love to share with you!  (in no particular order)

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rain-who doesnpin this

topeca coffee-the best coffee on the planet.pin this

Adobe Design Suite-itpin this

Nikon. my means of art.pin this

josh groban-if i could listen to one artist for the rest of my life... (susannahpin this

Paris 1989-a favorite picture by an absolute favorite photographer (Elliott Erwitt)pin this

chacos-the worldpin this

love everything macpin this

chocolate-in EVERY shape and form, chocolate.  makes life better.pin this

UK basketball...bleed blue!pin this

travel...if we havenpin this

subaru outback-the greatest little car!pin this

red wine...mmmpin this

oreo cheesecake-josue could eat this every day of his lifepin this

mary kay-the greatest cosmetic products on the marketpin this

mango- oh so sweetpin this

languages-we want to speak them allpin this

Keeneland-therepin this

jazz musicpin this

italian food- Susannah could live on Italian food alone!pin this

gingerbreadpin this

fall in kentucky- therepin this

El Salvador - again, no place like home :)pin this

blackberry curvepin this

the bass- josuepin this

Barcelona FC - the one and onlypin this

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