Los Guizaros014smpin thisBefore the car has even crossed the threshold of Los Guizaros one little boy yells “DAVID!”  and the floodgates are open.  Little faces begin to appear in windows and doorways and the children of Los Guizaros trickle into the streets all headed in the same direction…the community center.

David, Jorge and Joaquin have been going to this community every Saturday for 7 months now.  They arrive in the morning and the children gather at their recently constructed community center*.  They sing songs with the children then break up in to two groups by age and have a small Bible study.Los Guizaros112smpin thisWhen Josue and I went last weekend, the older children were working through Proverbs while the younger ones read a picture book about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with just a few loaves of bread and fish.  After that, they fed the kids a lunch of rice, beans and spaghetti with the help of one of the leaders in the community and a few missionaries.  In the afternoons, they often stay and help the children out with their homework, encouraging them to work hard in school.

*They were meeting at another community center that they fixed up, however, unfortunately after fixing it up the community reclaimed it and stopped allowing them to use it!  Not to be discouraged, they, with the help of other volunteers built the center shown in these pictures.  As the numbers of children arriving continues to grow, the need for more space becomes more imminent.  They hope to tear down the back wall and add another room onto the back. (See pictures)Los Guizaros006smpin thisLos Guizaros037smpin this

Josue and I were honored that we were invited to photograph the work being done there.  What we saw was that amidst difficult living situations and varying levels of poverty these children are like any others.  They play, they laugh, they sing, they eat, they draw, they run!

It was incredible to see how these kid’s lives are being formed by an unlikely group of professional young men, missionaries and volunteers who have dedicated their Saturdays to serve in that community.  They are fulfilling important roles in these children’s lives as role models and teachers.  Their message is loud and clear: We care about you.  You are special.  You are worth so much more than you know.  There is a God who created you and He loves you!Los Guizaros072smpin this

At Alumbra Photography we wholeheartedly support causes like that one, and are grateful to know that isn’t the only one!  One of the ways we like to support non-profit and mission work being done is through our photography.  If you are involved in some kind of missions or service and need some pictures to tell the story of your work, you’ve found the right people!  We would be honored to help you out and shoot some pictures…just drop us a note!Los Guizaros091smpin this

Los Guizaros105smpin this


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  • Sarah - You live in Costa Rica…you’re married…you have your own business…

    Sista we aren’t at the kids table anymore. :D Still getting used to it!

    Love ya cuz!
    ~Sarah W

  • Ligia - Hola, es impresionante el trabajo que hacen con los niños, realmente necesitamos mas personas en el mundo que se interesen de tal forma por nuestros pequeños. Que el Señor les continue bendiciendo para seguir dando del amor que solo en Dios podemos encontrar!!! Les bendigo!!! y le envio un abrazototote a mi primo lindo, David te quiero, y te admiro primuchis!!!

Ok, so here it is!  drum roll please……..our first post!

I feel a bit of pressure.  Like this should be the greatest post ever or else no one will ever come back to the blog!  So I’m just gonna tell you up front…this probably won’t be the greatest post ever, however there are many many posts to come with many great stories of life, adventure, and love, all to be accompanied by pictures.

How can I guarantee that?  Well, we live in Costa Rica… yeah, I know.  Awesome, right?  Well…awesome and adventurous.  Most every day something out of the {American} norm happens in our life making for a GREAT story that’s just too good not to share.  Like how the whole first month we lived here (aka this past month) I did our laundry with fabric softenerfabric softener (looks like detergent, right?)pin thisthinking it was detergent.  or figuring out how to cook new vegetables like yuca or chayote, to mention a few. (do you peel it before or after boiling?  can you maked mashed yuca, like potatoes?)  or how the first day we had our car I had to drive back from the airport, having never before driven in Costa Rica.  If you think “drive back from the airport?  so what! big deal!”  think again.  Imagine 4 lanes of highway.  At ANY given moment one or two might end abruptly.  Or some crazed individual (actually just the common Tico) will make a mad dash across the highway (yes, remember 4 lanes of insanity) to get to the bus stop a bit faster.  Cars swerve between lanes, buses pull in and out of traffic with no concern for other, more humbly sized vehicles, and lanes just end (or narrow from 4 to 2 for the sake of a bridge).  Oh THEN there’s the most frightening roundabout you’ve EVER seen.  4 lanes around.  (FOUR STINKING LANES) on a roundabout!  And no one really seems to know what to do about it!  So everyone goes at the same time and hopes to make it out alive.  Oh my, the insanity.  I’m not sure I’ve ever prayed so hard (it was definitely without ceasing)…except maybe the time I fled Bolivia in the middle of the night during political unrest…

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there.  Anyway, yes, life is an adventure.  And on top of the excitement that living here adds to our life, we have a photography business!  Learning the market here, meeting {fantastic} new clients and wedding vendors, and traveling long distances (ok maybe not that long…4-5 hours) to visit popular wedding destination resorts adds its on bit of fun and excitement!

So here’s to a new beginning that we look forward to sharing with you!  (via this blog, obviously)!  If you are family or friend, thanks for visiting…please keep in touch!  If we don’t yet know you we’d love to meet you!  Whether you’re interested in having some pictures taken or just want to meet and grab a cup of coffee…whatever the occasion may be, please drop us an email, or a leave a comment!

oooh and a big P.S.:  I’ve been avoiding the publishing the blog with the fear that it didn’t have sufficient content.  You see, I don’t have my whole portfolio of pictures on here, neatly categorized into “weddings, engagements, portraits…” nor a multitude of witty posts with pictures.  But then it came to me!  …isn’t that the exact nature of a blog?  it begins as a blank slate, and with time fills up with color and stories and personality, just like a much loved journal.  Yes, I believe that’s the case.  So here it is.  Post 1…of many!

P.S.S.  I took some self-portraits this week for the website…they didn’t work out so well and I got bored…this is the result:yes, i do better behind the camera :)pin thismaybe the best of the batch?pin this

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